CNDSD - In Tongues

SUBREAL is pleased to announce its third release, In Tongues (SR003), from Mexican artist CNDSD. 'In Tongues' is a series of live-coded events with TidalCycles, recorded several times to create five raw and emotionally complex tracks.

Programming is a language that, like any language, strings together disparate signs in complex sequences to ultimately create meaning--in this case, the meaning is meant to be interpreted by a computer to execute actions. This execution then gives life to new realities. At a cosmic level, 'In Tongues' transposes this process onto an immanent, intimate sonic world that feels alive, its actions heterogeneously scattered across time in perfect, unexpected fragments. Utilizing language only to find that language breaks at the level of experience.

The EP's radical sound design considers the beauty of the purely digital elements: affects, relationships, instances, iterations, repetitions. Filling the low end of her programmed sound palette with club kicks and bass, the artist creates a singular world that is as varied as it is hypnotic.


5 track EP
Format: Digital
Length: 28:11 min
Release date: April 28th, 2020


Produced by Malitzin Cortes
Mixing by Siete Catorce
Mastering by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven
Artwork by Ivan Abreu

Malitzin Cortes (CNDSD) is a multi-disciplinary artist, musician, and coder from Mexico City with a background in architecture from UNAM. Her work spans many disciplines and technologies including but not limited to: live coding, generative art, expanded cinema, installation, 3D animation, and sound design. She has acted and exhibited in spaces such as Medialab Prado, Asia Culture Center, International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Spektrum, Vorspiel Transmediale, Mutek Mexico, and Mutek Montreal. She also actively teaches and holds workshops regarding her practices in technology and art.