Amazondotcom - War Bride

Subreal is pleased to announce its sixth release, War Bride (SR006) from label co-founder Amazondotcom.

Amazondotcom returns from a hiatus with a new 5-track EP, full of sonic and emotional dimensionality. In this work, she continues her ongoing investigations into twisting rhythms, deep sub-bass, heavy percussion, and the intertwining of organic and synthetic sound design.

According to the producer, she worked with longer, but often simpler, loops to fill repetitive time with variation, which was reflective of her own personal time during production. She began these tracks with the “simple idea that small feelings and perceptions can scatter and morph across time, taking on their own narratives and life forces. This can happen melodically, rhythmically, in dance, and in personal and/or political experiences.”


5 track EP
Format: Digital
Length: 25:41 min
Release date: September 13th, 2021


Produced by Stella Ahn
Mixing by Marco Polo Gutierrez
Mastering by Beau @ Ten Eight Seven
Artwork by Stella Ahn

Amazondotcom is a music producer based in Los Angeles and one of the founders of electronic music label Subreal. Her first solo EP, Mirror River, was released in 2019.