Amazondotcom - Mirror River

SUBREAL is pleased to announce Amazondotcom’s first solo EP, Mirror River (SR001), as its debut release as a label. For this vivid and challenging new project, the Los Angeles-based producer and artist works with deep bass frequencies, ritualistic percussion and heavily processed sounds to evoke a shamanistic and alternate imaginary in a digital context.

Made during 2018, the artist describes her production process as a place where forms can be released free--her efforts were to bind herself to forces and flow, rather than genre and/or intent. Time was spent digitally processing a dizzying array of samples (birds, trees, people in crowds…) and synths to create the sounds that guide the tracks. She took inspiration from the shamanistic as devotional acts to the unseen, and as a space where potentially something incomprehensible could be born.


33 rpm / 140g 12" vinyl LP
Limited first edition of 300 copies
Housed in printed jacket, with original artwork
Available as Digital Release


Produced by Stella Ahn
Mixing by Marco Polo Gutierrez
Mastering by Beau Thomas at 1087 mastering
Artwork by Haaris Baig
Photography by Alexander Girav
Design by Andros Leal

Stella Ahn is a music producer and multi-disciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Her music project, Amazondotcom, has performed in Boiler Room, Red Bull Music Festival Los Angeles, and Mutek MX.
As an artist she has exhibited videos, installations, and texts with Rencontres Internationales at the Palais De Tokyo and Haus der Kulturen der Welt, as well as with Curtacinema in Rio de Janeiro, Festival Lima Independiente, AC Institute in New York, and Human Resources in Los Angeles.